The 2018 Senior Rep Mentors


First of all y’all, I am seriously SO excited to change this year’s program up quite a bit and I am so incredibly grateful for each and every single girl who applied. The applications were…out of this WORLD!!! And I was SO surprised with how many I ended up receiving and from MULTIPLE schools across the area. You 2018 Senior ladies SUREΒ did impress me, but not only me, you impressed the committee who’s job it was to go through and pick the Senior Rep Mentors for this year. It was SUCH a hard decision because guys, literally you all really did such an amazing job with your applications. I can’t praise each of you enough. I SO WISH I could have every single girl that applied, but sadly, that would be QUITE the challenge to keep up with. BUT since I did have a RECORD number of reps apply this year, the committee and I felt it was best to open up fourΒ additional spotsΒ to allow the team of Senior Rep Mentors to become 16!!!

ALRIGHT YOU GUYS!!! So without rambling on and on and on…I am SO excited to be announcing the 2018 Senior Rep MENTORS!!!!
Congratulations ladies!!!

Eveline Escalante
Ada Mabe
Jessica Watts
Erin Glass
Mackenzie Ratliff
Deshelle Newell
Natalie Spears
Tyra Murray
Julie Jackson
Mindy Williamson
Kayla Waller
Mackenzie Rudder
Carol Fears
Mollie Slate
Annie Sandridge
Sinclair Hargrave

Please note if you weren’t chosen – that does NOT mean you did not have an amazing application. I promise, this is one of the most difficult things I have to do every year, which is specifically why this year the committee and I worked super close together to choose the spots. This is NOT based off of looks or popularity. So, even though you may not be on this list, girl, let’s still take your senior portraits, spread positivity, and spread ALL the encouragement into this world!