hey there, friend!

I am Heather Chipps Townsend! I am located in a sweet little town in Southern Virginia that I love to pieces, but don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to travel! I am a wife to a hard working husband, Robert, who’s an INCREDIBLY TALENTED Emergency RN and my NUMBER ONE biggest fan. Together we have two cats, Sola and Luna, and our dog Cooper, who really are our children so to speak. Family and friends mean the world to me and constantly inspire me to be a better person every day and to pursue my dream fearlessly.

Most days you can find me cozied up on the couch with a big cup of coffee with Cooper by my side. Typically I am either editing photos and/or writing emails all while watching Netflix with shows like Law and Order SVU, Grey’s Anatomy, and GOT in the background. I am mostly known for how happy I am. I tend to find the humor in just about everything and approach life light heartedly with a ton of faith. 

My journey as a photographer began right out of high school along side going to school for Graphic Design. I NEVER imagined being in my early 20s and owning my own BUSINESS!!! After being in the photography industry for several years, I learned that my love for photographing weddings and senior portraits grew exponentially and this is now what I specialize in and am honored to call my full time job. It’s something I love to the point that I become overwhelmed with so much happiness I could literally burst. I can’t wait for you to see more of what I love to do! Be sure to take a peek at the blog! 

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that about sums me up,

but in case you're dying for more...

jesus is my homeboy

i have a whole
lot of faith

love me some fresh flowers

dogwood blooms and peonies
 are my favorite

no cream and sugar, i'm sweet enough

i drink black
coffee all
the way

discount shopping is where it's at

kind of maybe obsessed with shopping at marshalls and tj maxx

bucket list

my husband and i want to see all the national parks

i just can't stop eating them

pistachios are my go to snack
always and forever

i'm an adventurer at heart

i love to travel any and every chance i get

forget the girly drinks

  i’m a whiskey
lover thanks to my husband

i'm a binge watcher

grey’s anatomy, law and ordrr svu, and game of thrones are my go to binge watching shows

i love bubbles

  bubbly water
makes me happy

my love for food is why i work out

i run and lift weights so that i    can eat pizza
and hibachi as
often as possible

i like to think i'm a musician

 i play the ukulele, and also
dabble in playing the guitar

smiles and hugs,

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