Meet Travis and his gorgeous smiling and ever so happy fiancé, Katy!

I am thrilled we were able to still capture some of the snow from last week to make this winter engagement session even more winterized. We decided to take their portraits over at Berry Hill Mansion here in Halifax, VA – I love that place! It’s just GORGEOUS and you never get the exact same photo there I swear – it just has so much to offer!

Katy’s first words out of her mouth before the first picture I snapped (literally the first picture you see is the FIRST picture I snapped) were “I CANNOT not smile. I just can’t! I am going to laugh and I have to SMILE!”. Boy, was she right! She smiled the entire time and I just LOVED it! Not to mention, Travis was totally the same way and together they made some absolutely gorgeous portraits! I mean, what’s better than two genuinely happy people that are OH SO IN LOVE!!!


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  • Ginger Turner

    All these pictures are so great! You two look so in love!ReplyCancel

Meet Jason and Crissy!

Crissy and I have been planning for snow for QUITE some time so we could do some winter engagement photos! Things really were not looking good for us to make it happen. It’s funny because I totally believe this was simply a GOD thing because IT HAPPENED!!!


2) Crissy and Jason literally both had snow days from work

3) I had sent off all of my camera gear to be cleaned and literally on MONDAY got my camera body and one lens back – my 85L (I shoot primarily with a 85L and 50L).


5) We MADE winter engagement photos happen!

Excuse my excitement but I AM IN LOVE with these photos of them! We had so much fun and I am incredibly thankful for Jason driving us around! He drives a pretty sweet Jeep that also has HUGE tires and 4-wheel drive.

Anyway, these two have been together for quite some time and I am so thrilled they chose me to do their wedding. I feel so honored when ANYONE chooses me because who is capturing the biggest day of your life is a BIG DEAL.


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  • Emily Collier

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Happy Talkative Tuesday everyone + for those who have snow – HAPPY SNOW DAY!

I am so excited to share my new LOGO with you all today! It’s been out for a few weeks now, but I wanted to actually take the time and show you guys the process that went behind the making of the new logo.

For a little while now I had been admiring so many fresh and clean looks of calligraphy and hand lettering posts on Instagram. I kept telling myself – “Heather you DON’T need a new logo right now because you HAVE one” and I DID have one and a AMAZING one that was designed by a close friend of mine. There was nothing wrong with it and still isn’t, but my business ‘look’ started to grow away from the old logo. And at the time a few years ago, I would say my business was a bit different. As my life/business moved on and I started to branch into feeling a solid pull in the direction I wanted to go with this new look. I was growing into MY style and this gorgeous look of a hand-lettered and crafted logo would fit for my business.

Well, the thing was that I didn’t know ANYONE who did this crazy-amazing work! So, naturally I looked for people who knew the craft on Instagram (yes Instagram). I searched hash-tags galore! Finally, I stumbled upon Ashley Bush. I started following her and loved every single post I saw on her feed. She’s a lady of Christ, a momma, a wife, and to me she seemed like a friend of mine already and I had not even spoken a word to her in my life!

So, I contacted her through her website asking typical questions about having a logo designed and what the process is. She almost immediately messaged me back. I was EXCITED because everything she said FIT with what I wanted to do. Not to mention – having her design my logo was the easiest and one of the fastest processes EVER! She literally had it finished within a weeks time.

She was VERY professional and knew how to communicate to a crazy person who can never make up her mind (me). She sent me different looks with different meanings and even examples of what it would look on my website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.48.48 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.48.54 PM

This was NOT a process I wanted to rush and she didn’t rush me one bit. I knew the price I was paying was for her to do X amount of work in X amount of time and that was FINE! If we were to go over that – I would have kept paying. She is worth every. penny. But we didn’t go over that. Again, in less than a weeks time she was able to captivate everything I was looking for in this design.

Sure, it would have been easier to go buy or download a fancy font and make my own logo. I do graphic design myself, but it wouldn’t be the same and I am NO master calligrapher by any means. I think the last time I held a nib was in the 9th grade. I wanted my name “Heather Chipps” to have FEELING and EMOTION. To say just that “Heather Chipps Photography” and be a part of my brand.

If you’re looking for a Calligraphy Designer and Hand Lettering please consider working with Ashley.

She NAILED it.

Below is something I put together to give you a small glance at some of the thought process and choices I made for the new look/logo.  The colors I choose were because they keep reappearing in so many places in my life. TEAL IS MY LOVE! And I never liked gold until my husband but a gorgeous gold and silver engagement ring on my finger. And peach just makes me happy. So these colors are my heart and soul. There is a reason for every little detail.

So when you’re looking at trying to figure you brand out – look for things the matter to you in life – that are a part of you. It becomes your identity and being authentic is the best thing you can do when running a business.


calligraphy logo design

OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS – This Talkative Tuesday I am freaking out!!!

Today marks a beautiful day in history – at least for Heather Chipps Photography it does. I am so proud and blessed to announce that I have been featured on Rustic Wedding Chic for Ashley and John’s BEAUTIFUL October wedding I photographed last year.

>>Click here to see the post on Rustic Wedding Chic!<<

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To all 2016 SENIORS GALS:

Interested in becoming a 2016 Senior Rep? Are you looking for some awesome photographs for your graduation year?? Are you outgoing, photogenic and super comfy in front of a camera??

Great! Heather Chipps Photography is looking for FIVE senior rep ladies for the class of 2016 from schools around the Southside Virginia Region. You’re wondering what is a senior rep and what’s in it for me?? Well, that’s easy! Just keep reading!

What is a senior rep?

A senior rep is a happy, fun, photogenic student who has an amazing personality and who has a super positive attitude that loves, loves, loves being in front of the camera! But not only that, they also have a well-rounded head on their shoulders and can take on the responsibility of representing Heather Chipps Photography. They are young professionals in the making and will take this VERY serious.

Senior reps will head out with me on a fun filled photo shoot – where we will take lots of fabulous photos all about you! These shoots will happen in the beginning of summer so we will have time to order your senior rep cards. In the first weeks of school, you’ll start passing out these awesome cards to all of your Senior friends and let them know why they should take their Senior portraits with me AND that they get 10% OFF their session when they book!

Okay, okay…you’re wondering what’s it in for you, right??

This is what YOU get:

A 50% discounted session with me

Complimentary rep cards with your images to pass out

Your parents will get 20% off all product/prints purchased (PRETTY SWEET)

Each friend referred will get 10% off their session

Complimentary hair and makeup by Simple Splendor Salon

Special Gift from Heather Chipps Photography

Okay, I know you have to be SO excited and now you’re wondering how to enter!

Please fill out this form below and submit it to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Deadline for submission is: February 28th, 2015.

I will announce the winners on March 6th, 2015!

Good Luck ladies!