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DIY – Chalk Paint – Side Table

August 31, 2014

WOW! Is all I can say about this WONDERFUL paint from Annie Sloan! It is seriously perfect in every way, shape, and form.

I have been wanting to paint a couple of items in our home for a while now, but I am sure you all know life gets in the way and all. Plus, I didn’t know where to buy this magical paint. After a little Google research and patience, I discovered Studio Eleven in Lynchburg, VA. I can’t say it’s the cheapest paint in the world, but a little really goes a LONG way. The sweet ladies at the store highly recommended I get the one sample size (4 oz @ 12.95) for my little table redo. Let me tell you, I was pretty darn skeptical that this little 4 ounce bottle that barely fit in the palm of my hand would take care of this medium sized coffee table, but I was happily wrong. The ladies at this shop definitely know their stuff. I still of a little less than an ounce left, but it did it’s job.

I am thrilled I bought the quart of “Old White” for a our dresser and our head board. Now, I can’t wait for that to get started!

Enjoy the DIY and my silly staged shot of our new side table!

2014-08-31_0002 2014-08-31_0003 2014-08-31_0004 2014-08-31_0005 2014-08-31_0006 2014-08-31_0007

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