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Zoey // Senior 2015 – Gretna, VIRGINIA

July 23, 2014

Meet the BEAUTIFUL Miss Zoey!

She is a rising 2015 SENIOR at Gretna High School in Virginia!

I tell you what, it is so truly amazing how God lines up the stars for my clients and I to meet. Zoey’s mother winded up knowing a VERY good mutual friend and mine. She told her all about me and how I take senior portraits. Well, her daughter, Zoey, just so happened to be a senior looking for a photographer! So neat!

Zoey and I texted and texted and texted. She would send me pictures of her family farm and the GORGEOUS sunsets that happen there. It was such a tease! Let me say that she was 100% correct about having the most gorgeous sunsets around here. The lighting was a photographer’s DREAM!

Also pictured are her super best friend for life, Chelsey and her sweet horse with matching hair, Evie!

Her hair and makeup was done by Simple Splendor Salon in South Boston, Virginia.


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