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Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer – Sara – Randolph-Henry High School

September 20, 2014

Introducing Sara, one of my 2015 SENIOR REPS from Randolph-Henry High School!

I feel like I constantly say this, but I am truly blessed to photograph such wonderful people, but a big part of me loves that I get to photograph Seniors. I get to make them feel GOOD about themselves. It’s a pretty incredible feeling when you see them smiling SO BIG when you show them a back of the camera shot and they freak out because they love it so much.

Well, Miss Sara seriously made my job so easy. She had such a great and fun attitude on our shoot. Her sister and my assistant were there as well and it made the whole experience full of lots of laughs and just pure fun. I can’t ask for anything better!

If you’re a 2015 SENIOR and want 10% OFF YOUR SENIOR EXPERIENCE contact Sara for one of her rep cards! She’s got the hook up!


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