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Ethan and Paige – Married – Clarksville, VIRGINIA

August 17, 2014

Today you’re going to meet Ethan and Paige Royster from Clarksville, Virginia.

They were married on July, 12th 2015 at Liberty Baptist Church.

Let me tell you that day I witnessed one of the most incredible, sweetest, and just plain beautiful moments in my life today at Ethan and Paige’s wedding as I am sure those who sat in the congregation did as well. I wish you all could of been there. I am sure those of you who have had a wedding of your own, been in a wedding, or even attended a wedding know all of the things that could and can happen while standing up at the alter. Your nerves start to set in. You’re in front of a big crowd. You’re about to see your significant other that you’ve been waiting to see all day and to top it off your heart is beating faster than words can describe.

Ethan fought a good fight not to get weak in the knees, but I’m sure the sight of his beautiful bride was just too much. I feel like these photos are the embodiment of their love and the support they give and will continue give one another. As you can see in the photos, their love speaks for itself. It was truly a blessing to be able to be a part of their day.


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