Erin + Rob | Engaged

Meet the super bubbly and as cute as could be, Erin, and her fiancΓ©, Rob!

We had so much fun during their Downtown Roanoke Virginia engagement photos! I feel like I say that every engagement session blog post, but I swear you guys!!! I have so much FUN!!! Let me tell you that I am a bubbly person (surprise surprise)…so naturally I gravitate towards others that are the same. Erin and Rob were so totally my type of people and not to mention they’re dog people!!! Ahhh! Chance and Tucker came along for their moment in the spotlight. They were adorable and boy oh boy do I have a thing for some sweet doggy love too!

After starting their engagement session off at a super cute spot along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we made our way to some even cuter spots in Downtown Roanoke. Erin seriously had a vision for their engagement session! Also, how CUTE is her white dress?! These two were total naturals and there wasn’t a moment we they weren’t smiling and just completely immersed in one another smiles. Ohhhhh, I cannot WAIT until their wedding day!!! Like, can you guys even begin to imagine how precious those photos will be compared?!

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