Carla | Bridals

This lady is now a MARRIED one and I can FINALLY share her gorgeous bridal portraits!

All we hoped for on the day for her bridal portraits was good weather and a pretty sunset. Well, God totally gave us BOTH! We were so excited! And being a Virginia wedding photographer…the sunsets here are an extra kind of special. Especially when you’re on a sweet little farming the country.

Carla had such a grace about her during her bridal session and for those that know her, quite a few funny moments as well. The dress she is wearing is the dress her mom and her aunt wore during their weddings! Isn’t that amazing?! She had it altered to fit her style a little more, but it didn’t take nearly anything away from the original dress. Also as you can tell it’s a two piece dress! I mean, what’s better than taking your train OFF instead of just bustling it?


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  1. Carla made a beautiful bride. She is such a sweet young lady!