Meet Heather – Virginia Wedding Photographer


Virginia Wedding Photographer + Destination Wedding Photographer
Oh, YAY!!! If you’re on this page that means you want to see what kind of person I am and that makes me happy!I am probably one of the most optimistic people you’ll ever meet and I really mean that! I am a very flexible person and willing to step into any role needed and that’s where photography comes into play. When it comes to creating portraits, I always look for the natural moments that take place – not some silly and awkward pose that makes no sense! My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while in front of the camera and to have FUN – YES FUN!  I do NOT believe in “non-photogenic” people!I also recently married the love of my life, Robert. I drink far too much coffee, I’m a huge family person, a bit obsessed with our cats Luna and Sola and just happy to be alive.It may sound cliche, but in all truth I really love my job! I feel like it’s what God gave me the talent to do and I am going to make sure I fulfill that talent. I can’t wait to learn more about YOU!