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It was not that long ago that I was sitting in the same spot you're in right now. With a camera in hand and a fierce passion in your heart that burns like a blazing wild fire. I get it. The problem for me was, when I started this photography journey back in 2009 right out of high school, I had NO idea what I wanted to do with it, let to work a "nice" camera that had multiple lenses! YIKES!

There were not many mentoring sessions, or one-on-one opportunities out there then, so I had to do it the old fashioned way - trial and error. To be honest, I couldn't have been happier with that because I am where I am now by the GRACE of God and his plan for me, and that's where I come in for you! After doing graphic design and being an assistant teacher for high school students for a few years, I learned that I loved to teach, and that's what I want to do with you! 

photographer friend


Imagine wanting to be a better photographer or having a nice camera and not knowing how on earth to use it. What do you do? If you're like I was, you drool over other photographer's work and think "MAN, I wish I was like them" or "They make it look so easy!" If you're even more like me, you also have experienced a dark place of feeling like a failure because of their success. You shouldn't have to and don't need to feel that way, EVER!

My process is my process because it works for ME! While, it's TOTALLY fine to admire and be inspired by someone's work and process, it's most important to discover your own and that's exactly what I am here to help you do! This is about YOU and figuring out what works best for you. Photography is not easy, and requires lots of practice, but if you just can't shake the feeling of wanting more, I am here to help you take it to the next level! 

I believe in learning what YOU want to learn. It's not about my process, it's about FINDING YOURS.


- You dream all day about what could be
- You're tired of saying "no" to your dreams
- You need inspiration and a hand to help get you there
- You're DONE holding yourself back
- You're ready to START but don't know how
- You need an encourager who's been there and understands
- You just want to take better photos

the mentoring session


4 hours of in-person one-on-one mentoring

Comprehensive questionnaire to help us both
 understand your goals

Shiny new headshots for you

Access to model(s)

Action Plan

Whatever YOU want to learn

the business intensive

8 hours of one-on-one mentoring

Comprehensive questionnaire to help us both
 understand your goals

Lunch and/or Dinner on me

Shiny new headshots for you

Access to model(s)

Action Plan

30 minute phone/skype call follow up 

*This can be broken into a two part session


This is a budget friendly session for the photographer who wants to invest in one-on-one technical skill training in specific areas like editing, defining your style, posing, shooting in manual, shooting in good/bad lighting, and more.

This is a one-on-one mentoring session that is more tailored toward the business owner or aspiring business owner looking to take their business or passion to the next level. Whether it's what to charge, developing a brand, improving client experience, bettering your camera skills, posing, name it! 

the mini session

Two hour of one-on-one mentoring

Comprehensive questionnaire to help us both
 understand your goals

*This can be used as an online session as well for photographers simply wanting to ask questions, have better work flow, ect. 


This is for the person who has a nice camera but has no idea what to do with it to take nice photos. I will teach you the very basics during this session which will include how to use your camera on manual, and what program to edit with so you have gorgeous photos to be proud of!






Now that you have all the info, figure out what one-on-one session works best for you. These are designed to be tailored to you, and what you want to learn. Determine it based off of what you're wanting to learn.



Arrange payment and set up your date for your session! Sessions generally take place on weekdays and can be in the morning or mid-day!



Sit back and relax because you're going to be furthering your passion and you're serious about taking it to the next level!


how i'm different

THIS is not about me, it's about YOU and what you need/want to learn. I won't teach you my process. I will help you DEFINE your own.

It's about you

When I say this, I really do mean it. Which is why I have to make sure everything is in order, including helping you get to that next level, and do it efficiently and quickly.  

I have OCD

I have never been great at the whole "here's instructions, now apply" type of learning. Instead, I like to learn by being shown what to do. That's my approach to teaching as well. 

I learn from seeing

While building my photography business, I earned a certification in Graphic Design and I am Adobe Photoshop Certified as well and dang, that was a hard test to pass! I feel this has given me an upper hand on understanding the ends and outs on creating a business that WORKS.

I was a Graphic Designer

TO See Lisa's Mentor SESSION

Thank you so much for reaching out to me about mentoring you! I hope that we get to work together, share laughs, have fun, and most importantly, get you to where your dreams are. You deserve this passion you've been chasing, and if you're on this page reading still, then I think it's time you get started.


thank you