Home Office Makeover and A BIG SECRET WE HAVE BEEN KEEPING!!!

The home office makeover is FINALLY DONE!!! I am SO excited to finally share it with you guys! I *WISH* I had some before photos to share with you all, but sadly…I didn’t take any because that’s how bad I wanted to update this bad boy!

Just imagine it being…light green paint, white desks, wooden chairs (that hurt our backs lol), a rug that didn’t fit the size of the room, storage cubes with tons of…crap just tucked here and there, and much more JUNK. Ok ok ok…honestly it became our “junk” room. It just wasn’t a very…inspiring place to do work in any longer, and we just quickly put it together when we first bought our house back in 2014. Before we had really even developed a “style” we wanted to aim for as far as what certain rooms in our home would feel/look like.

Basically…I was SO ready to walk into our home office and actually feel like I wanted to WORK there. You feel me? So, this began the home office makeover and in the middle of BUSY season at that! But, you guys, it really didn’t take long at all! Maybe a total of 2 weeks. Probably less than that, but just getting stuff shipped, and big ticket items at that, took that time. Once we decided to do the makeover the cleaning and painting was done in 2 days, and really the rest of it was just waiting for stuff to come in and Robert doing all the fancy hanging work.

We wanted to include plants in here this time too, because we have SUCH beautiful natural light in there, and I am over here praying to the plant Gods that I keep them alive!

We also decided to go with a neutral color scheme to the room. Browns, whites, and grays. Which is obvious, haha, but thought I would point that out as a common theme throughout our home now.

This couch is also a sleeper sofa! I will be honest, it’s not THAT comfy, but it does the job!

AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! We have been keeping a secret for almost two weeks now!!!

WE HAVE A NEW ADDITION TO THE TOWNSEND FAMILY!!!! Everyone meet our new sweet little girl, Maple!!! And Robert, totally named her. I can’t take credit on that one!

Is she not a TOTAL ham?!?!?! And you guys, she is as sweet as she looks too!!! Her and Cooper get along like they have been best friends for life. Well, until he steals her pig ear, but then she gets it back and it’s like nothing ever happened. And for those of you who are curious, she also gets along with the cats just fine!

I mean…just LOOK at that sweet little face!!! And no, we aren’t sure what she is! We laugh that she is a “German Shepard/Pomeranian” mix! I think I may hop on the extra train and get her doggy DNA tested, because I am SO curious!

Now, PREPARE FOR MORE PICTURES OF OUR DOGS THAN EVER!!!! We are so in love!!! Two is better than one y’all!!!

Huge thanks to our friend, Maggie, for getting this little girl all taken care of and for letting us take her into her FUREVER HOME!!!





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