Cara + Ryan

A Family Farm DIY Wedding 

Cara and Ryan were married on October 7th, 2017  on the oh so precious and sweet Simpson Family Farm!

When I say this was a family farm DIY wedding, I really mean that you guys. You’ll notice on the vendors list at the bottom that Cara practically did every single thing that she possibly could by herself, or with the help of others. From the cake to the florals, from the homemade cookin’ from family and friends, all the way to the 40 – YES FOURTY benches hand built by Ryan and you guessed it, Cara herself! I was BLOWN AWAY!!!

When Cara first initially contacted me, she talked about having her ceremony in the woods and wanted it to be romantic with lots of white roses and greenery throughout the whole day. I would say I could imagine what she was talking about then, but to see it literally come together so, SO incredibly beautifully…was a different feeling ALL together! But not only that you guys, the anticipation to see these two share their vows. I am pretty sure everyone had tears rolling down their eyes. It was just SO good and SO magical!

Speaking of MAGICAL. Their first look…OH. MY. GOSH!!! All the feels!!! I knew it would be special just from their engagement session photos (you can find those here.) Like, I can’t even describe how genuinely happy they were to just see each other. Hug each other. Talk to each other. Be with each other. It was pure magic at it’s greatest. I was SO happy the decided to do that, because we got to also get all of their family and bridal party portraits done prior to the ceremony too. When the ceremony concluded, we got to take even MORE portraits!!! You know I LOVED THAT!!!

Their Love Story

When and where did you both meet?

I heard a lot about this “great guy” named Ryan, from his roommate, who happened to be a pretty good source since he was my brother Craig. My brother had been talking up Ryan quite a lot while I was away at college (which it is very strange for him to do), so I knew this guy must be something special and man was he right. Ryan and I met on December 2, 2014 when I came home for Christmas break.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa? 

Cara: When Ryan flashed that big smile at me the night we first met, I knew he wasn’t going to be someone I could forget when I went back to Florida for college. Over the next several years, the more I learned about him the more I loved.

Ryan: While making my hour drive home after a date one evening, I was thinking about what my life would be like without Cara in it and I knew I never wanted to find out. After praying about it throughout the rest of the drive, I knew I had to marry her.

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 

Cara: I love Ryan’s heart. He is the most genuine person I have ever met, his love for Christ, his family, those around him and his constant desire to share what he has with those less fortunate makes me strive to be a better person every day. Plus he has one of those great smiles that melts my heart every-time I see it.

Ryan: I love a lot of things about Cara. Her desire to actively live out her Christian life. Her desire to have and adopt children. Her care and concern for me. She also feeds me yummy food.

How did he propose? 

Ryan had told me to get dressed up for our 6 month anniversary, because he was going to take me to this rooftop restaurant in downtown Richmond called Kabana. I had my suspicions that he might propose, because he wanted to stop by this park on the way to dinner, to “check out a bridge his company helped design.” As we walked through the park to this bridge, I could tell Ryan was nervous, it was so cute, he was a constant chatter box. Once we were in the middle of the bridge, Ryan pulled me over to the side and then I just started sobbing tears of joy, because I knew what was coming. Ryan proposed on the pedestrian bridge in Richmond, Va on March 24, 2017. He planned it so it was right at sunset, while we were over the middle of the river. It was perfect.


Venue: Simpson Family Farm
Coordinator: Lynn Booker (family friend)
Hair: Katie Nicholson (sister of the bride)
Makeup: By the Bride
Florals: By the Bride
Cake: By the Bride
Invitations: By the Bride
Video: Robbie Mercogliano
MC: Jason Slabach
Catering: Family and Friends
Famous Sweet Tear: By Ryan’s Aunt
Bridesmaids Dresses: AZAZIE
Wedding Dress: Allure Romance Style: 2716 purchased at Ava Laurenne Bride

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