2020 Senior Rep Mentor Applications Are HERE!


You read that right! The 2020 Senior Rep Mentor applications have hit the website and I am so excited to make this year’s program even better than before with a little something special throughout our time together! How exactly will I be doing that? Well keep reading to find out!

So what is the Senior Rep Mentorship?

The Senior Rep Mentorship is just that. It’s a chance for young women to mentor each other and their friends all while being a Senior Rep of Heather Chipps Photography. The mission is to encourage each other as young women, lift each other up, and share real life experiences with each other to make teenage years just a little bit easier to get through. Because guys, high school can be tough and for me, I know it especially was. So, I can only imagine how school is now. With this Senior Rep Mentorship I am not looking to change the mold with this, I am simply looking to provide tools to a select few ladies who feel they can be a good role model, mentor, and set a good example to their friends and peers to help start the change of that mold.

Who should apply? 

 Someone who is out going and knows they can truly reach out to their peers. Someone who is looking to really make a change in not only their life, but their friend’s and stranger’s lives as well. Someone who really, really believes in being a mentor to others and putting others first.

What makes a good application? 

You need to put your best effort forward, girlfriend!!! Your application is a direct showcase of the drive you have and why you feel you’re a good fit for this. If you submit a short application with one sentence answers…odds are not in your favor. We are looking for dedicated individuals. You absolutely don’t have to be involved in extra curricular activities to be considered. However, we do expect you take your time and answer the questions to the fullest. We want to get to know YOU and see that you care about applying which then shows me your dedication. Social media will also be looked at, so make sure your social media is lookin’ good, because if not, we will be looking at that and your application will be disqualified.


What do you get if you’re selected as a Senior Rep Mentor? 

Your parents will get an exclusive 50% off on prints from your senior session

You will get $100 off your senior sessions

A special group meet and greet sponsored by Southern Frills and styled photo session by Amanda Day Rose with individual portraits to keep as extra senior portraits for your senior year

EXCLUSIVE VIP access to the Southern Frills Clothing Store to wear any of their available items during your senior session. Like…FOR REAL FOR REAL!!!! That means IN SEASON items you don’t have to go buy at the store yourself! You get to use their clothing!!! 


 To change it up this year, because this is a mentorship, we will be teaming up together as a group to do some extra special community outreach two times throughout your time as a Senior Rep Mentor! Meaning, we get to give back and that is one of the most SPECIAL things you can do and I am SO excited for this especially!


The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 17th and only TWELVE SENIORS will be chosen be a committee!

I will announce the chosen Senior Rep Mentors after the committee reviews all of the applications on Friday, May 31st! 

If chosen as a 2020 Heather Chipps Photography Senior Rep Mentor, there will be a upfront $100 non-refundable retainer due at the time of  the Meet and Greet should you be chosen to hold your spot as a Senior Rep Mentor for the 2020 Senior Year. 

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