The NEW Senior Rep Program and Applications


I am SO excited to be announcing the 2018 Senior Rep Program you guys!!! I literally can’t wait to share with you what I have been working SO hard over for the past few months and it’s finally time to do exactly that – share it with you! Before I continue, I want to give a HUGE shout out to my current 2017 Senior Reps. You ladies have seriously crushed it this year! I can’t thank you each enough for inspiring other young ladies like yourselves to be themselves and be happy in their own skin. So, thank you girls!


Now, on to business! You may be wondering, what’s changing? Well…a lot actually! Why? Stay with me now, I promise there is GOOD reason and I am SO happy about this change. You guys….I had a HUGE weight on my shoulders after the 2017 Senior Rep application process last year. I felt like it seemingly was thought of as a popularity contest or who looked the nicest or prettiest. WRONG. So so so wrong, but within that came something I didn’t see coming. It made me take a good hard look at WHY that may seem and what I could do to change that, because that is NOT and has never been my mission. And while, there are a LOT of huge moving  pieces when it comes to selecting who the reps will be, I realized that something was missing…something HUGE.

  So thus the brainstorming began, and I have one very, very special young lady to thank for that. Miss Hailey Worsley. I have been working closely with her to see how and what I could change in this program from the eyes of someone who is not a senior rep, but is a senior, a young minded person, and someone who truly wants to reach and encourage her peers. She was and is my inspiration for this change in the program, and because of her ideas it’s moving in a much better direction. I am so grateful for all of her help through all of this. Thank you SO much Hailey!!!

seniorrepmeetandgreet2017-169senior rep mentor

So what is the Senior Rep Mentorship?

The Senior Rep Mentorship is just that. It’s a chance for these young ladies to mentor each other and their friends all while being a Senior Rep of Heather Chipps Photography. The mission is to encourage each other as young women, lift each other up, and share real life experiences with each other to make teenage years just a little bit easier to get through. Because guys, high school can be tough and for me, I know it especially was. So, I can only imagine how school is now. With this new Senior Rep Mentorship I am not looking to change the mold with this, I am simply looking to provide tools to a select few ladies who feel they can be a good role model, mentor, and set a good example to their friends and peers.

Who should apply? 

 Someone who may be shy and wants to open up a little more. Someone who is a social butterfly and knows they can truly reach out to their peers. Someone who is looking to really make a change in not only their life, but their friend’s lives too. Someone who really, really believes in being a mentor to others and putting others first.

What makes a good application? 

You need to put your best effort forward, girlfriend!!! Your application is a direct showcase of the drive you have and why you feel you’re a good fit for this. If you submit a short application with one sentence answers…odds are not in your favor. You absolutely don’t have to be involved in extra curricular activities to be considered. However, I do expect you take your time and answer the questions to the fullest. I want to get to know YOU and see that you care about applying which then shows me your dedication.

seniorrepmeetandgreet2017-107What do you get if you’re selected as a Senior Rep Mentor? 

A free group meet and greet and styled photo session with individual portraits

Your parents will get 50% off on prints from your senior session

You and your friends you refer will get $100 off your senior sessions

And a of couple extra perks and surprises along the way for being a Senior Rep Mentor! 


The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 7th

I will announce the chosen Senior Rep Mentors after the committee reviews all of the applications on April 28th.