Michelle | Bridals

Meet the calm, sweet, and oh so southern bride, Michelle!

Now that Michelle is a MARRIED woman, I can share her super gorgeous bridal portraits on the blog!!! YAY!!! Michelle’s Gentry Farm bridal portraits were SO much fun to do, especially with such a care free bride! I am telling you she has to be one of the calmest people I have ever met in my whole life.

She and her man were married at the Gentry Farm, so we figured it was pretty appropriate to go ahead and do her bridal portraits there. Being the country hunting girl that she is, the rustic vibes that the Gentry Farm has was absolutely perfect for what we were trying to accomplish! And boy did we do just that! Michelle rocked her bridal portraits like no other and may have even spun around and around in her dress a time or two! Her sweet mama was there as well and I just know it was like seeing her dream come true for her daughter.


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