Candace + Zach | Engaged


Lynchburg VirginiaΒ Mountain View Engagement Photos

Candace and Zach!!! Oh my you guys these two are absolutely and positively in love let me tell you! During their Lynchburg Virginia mountain view engagement photos…the love was just radiating off of these two! From their smiles all the way to the way these two just look at each other. Oh, and the beautiful, beautiful mountain views we were able to capture. A special thanks again to Pam for letting us use her special piece of paradise for these. I literally can’t wait until their wedding day after seeing all this magic between them during their engagement photos!

Speaking of wedding day, when Candace first contacted me…it was instant friendship! I just love the way this girl thinks! I know her wedding day is going to be BEAUTIFUL! Trust me, she knows how to plan all those sweet little details like no other. And her wedding is at the GORGEOUS Bedford Columns in Bedford Virginia. May 25th is going to be a GREAT day y’all! I can just feel it!!!


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