Brittany + Adam | Engaged

Meet Brittany and her man, Adam!

Ohhhhh you guys! These gorgeousΒ Sandbridge Virginia Beach engagement photos were SUCH a blast to create!!! This is one of my favorite engagement sessions to date! Brittany came to me with the idea of doing her engagement sessions somewhere near the water. Well, I started thinking…hmm…well…why not just go to Virginia beach?! Thankfully we live not TOO far from the beach. Three hours isn’t too crazy to me and they were totally down for it as well! SO that is just what we did! Sandbridge really is such a special sweet spot to go to. We really lucked out with perfect weather for the day as well!

Let me tell you photographer friends…the best way to get to know your couples is to drive three hours with them in a car! I can’t say enough about the fun conversations we had and how much we laughed. Ohhhhhh the laughs! But in all seriousness, I am such a lucky photographer to have such sweet couples like Brittany and Adam. I thank God everyday for friendships that happen out of my business.

At the very end of this session we got in the WATER YOU GUYS!!! I bought a underwater case for my camera (it was cheap y’all LOL) and we ended up with some not so focused blurry photos, but they are some of my favorites ever! Why?! Because you can still see the clear love these two share in each of them!



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